Weather you need Absentee (home opening and closing, weekly home inspections, mail pick up, local emergency contact, in-home pet service), or Full Service property management (one unique package designed exclusively for your property), we are committed to fulfilling our customers needs and act as single point of contact for your residence management.
Full residential management for rental units includes :
Prepare the property for rental
Lease of the property
Moving-in of the new tenants
Rent management
Tenant management
Invoices and taxes payments
Monthly reporting
24/7 availability for emergencies
Other Services for individual residential units
Subscription contract for 24/7 availability for emergencies
Periodical status visits and reporting for empty
Invoices and taxes payment
Mail pick-up and transfer
Maintenance cleaning with dedicated Maid
General and after construction cleaning services
House repairs and maintenance work on request
Restoration, renovation, refurbishment